16 March 2012

My last post…

.. with hindsight, was rather text heavy.  So, I promise a few more photos this time.  I’m still new to this blogging lark and it is taking me a while to get to grips with all the technical stuff.
OK… I love quilting but I’m not very productive.  I run my own business with my husband and I still have one child teenager living at home, so stitching time isn’t exactly abundant.  I dream all day of what I’m going to stitch at night but by the time I get there, I’m too knackered so don’t always bother.  But, having always promised myself I would make a New York Beauty quilt one day, the NYB Quilt Along was meant for me.

Sew Sweetness

I decided the fabrics for this quilt would come entirely from my stash (I always say that – never succeed), which meant going for the scrappy look.  So, for a while now I’ve been following the daily posts at http://blog.photocardboutique.com/ and have been waiting for the right project to come along and put the lovely colour combos to good use.

NYB Block 0 with colour inspiration

I won’t be too slavish to these colour palettes – I couldn’t get the pale buff colour at the top to work with the other colours, so substituted green.  And I certainly don’t have enough fabric in my stash (who put that picture down there?) to exactly match every combination.  But I’m going to have a blooming good try!

Fabric Wall

Anyhow, I’m really pleased with the way my first block has turned out.

Block 0 Close-up 2

I really hope it’s not beginner’s luck – the next one is more challenging. 

NYB Block 5 WIP zoom

The first attempt isn’t too bad although the flowery pink and white fabric in the middle didn’t handle as well as I would have liked.  I kind of stuck a pin in my Pinterest colour board for this one.  The colours were almost identical to my first block, but after another stab, I picked the same again so I was obviously meant to do it.  The next block will be entirely different colours though – I don’t have enough pink, orange and green in my stash to make a whole quilt.

NYB Block 5 with colour inspiration

OK, I'd better get on with some work now - only 20 minutes to coffee break ;)

Chocolate biccie anyone?


Carol R said...

I'll know where to come when I need finishing fabrics as you have more in your stash than C&H Fabrics! xx

Vera said...

Oh my! Your quilting is so beautiful...and your stash....ahhhh envy is not a pretty thing. Welcome to blogging! I'm still in the hovering stage...

RuthB said...

I'll take a biscuit and can I have a side order of quilting talent too? Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Cindy said...

Love your fabric storage. I need to stop lurking and start my own blog as well. Happy Day

Gillie said...

Oh my, Carol told me to visit and I am so glad I came! That Nyb is going to be super. Yup, remember gonks!

CJ in OK ;-) said...

Great quilt start, I love the clots you picked. CJ in OK ;-)

Minnie said...

Wow your fabric stash is fantastic and so organized and neat. Your quilting skills are excellent, I've tried my hand at quilting but nothing like this, it's beautiful. I'm very glad I followed Carol's advice and came to your blog. I will be back looking for more progress soon. Good Luck!

Buttons 'n Bows said...

Minnie, my stash might look organised but you should see the rest of my house :)

Solstitches said...

Your NYB block is gorgeous and you quilting stash is awesome!
I can see I am going to enjoy following here.

Maureen said...

WOW, you're quilting is gorgeous! Don't you just love this "sport"! I'm a fabric addict & am drooling over your NYBs. I'm glad Carol suggested we visit your blog-it's delightful!
Cheers from Canada

Rhona said...

OMG...talk about stash envy - all those fabrics and all totally organized! Can you tell I'm slightly jealous!!!
Love your quilting, will certainly be popping back to see your progress.

angelasweby said...

Hi Sue :-)
Carol said I should visit so here I am! Welcome to blogland. It's so nice to see your gorgeous quilting and to read your news.
I don't have a blog but I do have a picture trail album here:
I was absolutely mezmerized by your wonderful fabric filled shelves, how tidy and how organized and how inviting!! Your quilting is precision perfect and is a joy to look at.
Good luck in blogland.

Diane-crewe said...

love your fabric choices they work great together x

Diane-crewe said...

love your fabric choices they work great together x